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Word Count: 9300

Summary: When NYPD forensic detective Phil D'Amato takes a call from a lady physicist about her missing husband, he has no idea that her life, his life, and every other scientist working on a top-secret time travel project will soon be in dire jeopardy. As the number of dead begins to mount, D'Amato starts to realize that the suspect is not any one person or group but something much more sinister and dangerous. "The Chronology Protection Case" was a finalist for the Nebula Award for Best Science Fiction Novelette of 1995. The story was adapted into a low-budget movie by Jay Kensinger (now on Amazon Prime Video), and an Edgar-nominated radio play by Mark Shanahan.

The Chronology Protection Case - Paul Levinson
The Chronology Protection Case

Word Count: 119000

Summary: Enter the world of Mulgara, where conquerors and ghouls and sordid necromancers await. "In The Scrolls of Sin, David Rose paints a fully realized fantasy realm with ingenious plotting, complex characterization, and cleverly lush language. It's also viscerally involving. The collection is so steeped in the sin of the title that it plunges the reader into a sordid otherworld of corruption, treachery, violence, torture, lust, murder, and dark magic — though not without fleeting moments that grope toward something like tenderness and redemption." --- Matt Cardin, author of To Rouse Leviathan

The Scrolls of Sin - David Rose
The Scrolls of Sin