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Awkward Tomatoes

by E.D.E. Bell

Reviews:Minerva Cerridwen on Goodreads wrote:

I was a proofreader for this book and I enjoyed it a lot. It's a mix of fun, sad, and thought-provoking stories, all different enough to make you wonder what will be next. In that sense, the title fits: these tomatoes aren't your standard red, round tomato, but they have something different, something that makes them interesting. (I really love the title and the reason why it was chosen!)

Also, on a personal level, E.D.E. Bell has become a dear friend in the time we've been working together, and reading this anthology made me feel like I know em even better. The intros to the stories enrich them further and make the book partly biographical as well as a collection of enjoyable fiction.

About the Author

E.D.E. Bell (she/e) loves fantasy fiction, and enjoys blending classic and modern elements. A passionate vegan and earnest progressive, she feels strongly about issues related to equality and compassion. Her works often explore conceptions of identity and community, including themes of friendship, family, and connection. She lives in Ferndale, Michigan, where she writes stories and revels in garlic. You can follow her adventures at
Bell was born in the year of the fire dragon during a Cleveland blizzard. After a youth in the Mitten, an MSE in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, three wonderful children, and nearly two decades in Northern Virginia and Southwest Ohio developing technical intelligence strategy, she started the indie press Atthis Arts. Working through mental disorders and an ever-complicated world, she now tries to bring light and love as she can through fantasy fiction, as a proud part of the Detroit arts community.