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The Ghost of Emily Tapper

by Nita Round

The Ghost of Emily Tapper - Nita Round
Pages: 222

A woman scorned is a curse that lasts… for ever

Two families inexorably linked through time and misfortune, come together to face an uncertain, and possibly fatal, future.

Maggie Durrant, heir to a rambling estate is plagued with a curse that will end her days. Providing her brother doesn't get to her first.

Emma Blewitt is the beneficiary of an aunt who leaves her everything and tells her nothing. She must discover her own legacy before she and Maggie can seek a solution to The Ghost of Emily Tapper.

(Note this was previously released in 2017)

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Publisher: Pink Tea Books
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About the Author

Nita Round lives in the heart of England with her wife and their ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Rosie. She has many interests and hobbies, including walking, D&D, cooking, and drinking wine. Not always in that order. Her damson gin and plum vodka have been a factor in several hangovers, but she says it has nothing to do with her. If you can’t manage your fruit, lay off the gin.