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A Touch of Purple

Towers of the Earth book 6

by Nita Round

Hidden in the shadows, something unseen is hunting them all.

The Raven Tower summons the trinity to return home. Neither the tower nor magic tell them why.

One by one the soldiers tasked with defending its people, fall to an insidious contagion. Once infected, they succumb to a rabid and animalistic state. If they survive, then they become minions of the dark to spread their touch even further.

Magda, Ascara and Lucinda must seek out the dark places foretold by the clan dreamers. When they do, they discover more than they expected. As the rot at the heart of Veritas takes hold, no cure is in sight. When all seems lost, they must face their deadliest foe yet.

Now, the war on humanity has become deadly serious. The trinity must triumph. The world depends upon it.

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Publisher: Pink Tea Books
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About the Author

Nita Round lives in the heart of England with her wife and their ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Rosie. She has many interests and hobbies, including walking, D&D, cooking, and drinking wine. Not always in that order. Her damson gin and plum vodka have been a factor in several hangovers, but she says it has nothing to do with her. If you can’t manage your fruit, lay off the gin.