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Angels Found

The Z-Tech Chronicles Book 4

by Ryan Southwick

An ancient evil in Anne's head aims to ruin her tranquil life and end humanity.

It must be Tuesday.

A house of her own with a white picket fence, complete with a loving partner, Anne Perrin finally has the life of her dreams — including the job she always wanted and a caring family to share it all with.

But every Eden has its Pandora’s Box. Anne’s personal heaven is marred by a malevolent presence in her head who, if given a choice, would use her to usher in a dark age, ending humanity as she knows it. The only thing holding it at bay is an unpredictable computer implant in her chest that seems to have its own agenda.

Two unexpected visitors turn Anne’s delicate world upside down in completely different ways — one better than she could have ever hoped, one catastrophically terrible — pitting Anne in a nightmare battle against the very people she holds dearest: her family.

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“You’re wrong, Zima,” Anne said softly. “Your soul is a shining beacon of kindness and generosity. If Heaven won’t take you, then there’s little hope for the rest of us. As for Hell…” She sighed. “If Hell doesn’t exist, it soon will. Everywhere you look will be death and desolation. Cities, communities, families… all of it. Gone. And we’re the instruments who will bring it about. So no, my darling, it’s not a lie. Whether we go to Hell, or Hell comes to us, we’ll both be there soon.”

About the Author

Ryan Southwick decided to dabble at writing late in life, and quickly became obsessed with the craft. He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two children.

​His technical skills as a software developer, healthcare experience, and lifelong fascination for science fiction became the ingredients for his first series, The Z-Tech Chronicles, which combines these elements into a fantastic contemporary tale of super-science, fantasy, and adventure, based in his Bay Area stomping grounds.