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Auction of Souls

by David Petrie

A quest for vengeance. A battle for dominance. Anything is for sale at the Auction of Souls.

Max and his party start down a dark path with only an echo to remind them why they’re fighting. Finding their target in the game isn’t enough, they need to find them in real life. Perhaps for this very reason, they’re no longer harmless misfits: they’re the most infamous players in the game.

They get invited to an auction that offers contract items to the highest bidder, a golden opportunity to prepare for the battles that loom in their future. Weapons aren’t the only thing they need. Down a party member, they need a new ally to fill the void in the team.

House Lockheart wasn't the only group invited: the top players in Noctum gather like moths to a flame. With this many lords, villains, thieves, and assassins in one place, finding an ally is easy; trusting them is far harder.

The auction is open, and the price could be everything.

About the Author

David Petrie is a fashion and food obsessed writer of science fiction and fantasy with a comedic twist. His first book (Party Hard) was published in 2018 and he has been hitting the keyboard ever since.

Prior to finding his calling as a writer, he worked as a designer for over a decade and ran an indie board game company on the side. In his spare time, he is an avid video and board game enthusiast. He currently lives north of Boston with the love of his life and their two adopted cats.