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Ben the Dragonborn

by Dianne Astle

Ben the Dragonborn - Diane Astle
Part of the Fantasy series:
  • Ben the Dragonborn
Part of the The Six Worlds series:
  • Ben the Dragonborn
Pages: 181

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Languages Available: English


“This is a bad idea,” Ben repeated as he climbed out from under the desk. “A very bad idea”

“Yeah, probably but at least it’s not boring,” Denzel replied. Being bored seemed to be the one thing in life that Denzel was frightened of, perhaps the only thing from what Ben could tell.

“Nobody gets a chance to be bored around you,” Ben muttered. “A little boredom would be welcome now and then.”

“Let’s go,” Denzel said. Ben did not need to ask where.


Denzel pushed open the door with its “ENTRY FORBIDDEN WITHOUT SPECIAL PERMISSION” sign and Ben followed him in. They both knew it was a mistake as soon as they stepped through the door. There was a loud clang as the door bolted behind them and the lights went out. Since there were no windows in the forbidden section of the library it was very dark. Ben whirled around and felt for the door handle. It confirmed his suspicion that they were locked in.

“O.K. What are we going to do now?” Ben asked in a squeaky voice.

“Look around,” said Denzel as he dug into his pocket and produced a small flashlight. He swung the flashlight first this way and then that. The light rested briefly on a sign that read Zargon. In the middle of the library were several small tables with books open on them. Denzel walked to the nearest table and ran his flashlight over the books. He picked up one whose cover read “The Six Worlds: Their Similarities and Differences.” He turned to the table of contents. Listed in alphabetical order were six worlds: Earth, Farne, Lushaka, Mellish, Toregan and Zargon. Denzel turned his flashlight away from the book to the “Zargon” sign. He shone the flashlight around the room and found the other five signs. He turned back to the book and opened it to the section on Zargon.

“The most important difference between Zargon and other worlds,” the book began “is that dinosaurs and dragons still live on Zargon while they have disappeared from the other worlds where they once existed.”

That was as far into the book as Denzel with Ben looking over his shoulder was able to read. They heard the library door open and close. Denzel turned off his flashlight and put it away seconds before Phil Tanner opened the door of the darkened room.

“Out! Now!” Phil Tanner thundered. “I will see you tomorrow. You can count on a very long detention,” he said as he hustled them out.


About the Author

Dianne was once asked what kind of animal she would like to be. The person who asked the question was shocked when Dianne said she’d like to be a dragon.

There are times in everyone’s life when being able to fly high and breathe fire sounds very appealing. However, if you can’t be a dragon, or have a dragon as a pet, then the next best thing is to write books with dragons in them and get a dog.

Dianne lives with her husband Doug, his two cats, and her two dogs. When Dianne is not writing fiction or walking her dogs, she can be found sitting at her potter’s wheel or hanging out with the folk at Hope United Church where she is engaged in part-time ministry.