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Bisexual Alien Collection: Three Hot and Steamy Sci-Fi Menage Shorts

by Tabbi K. Sunn

★A novella-length collection of female-centered MF, MMF and MFM★

Detailed SF erotica with wisps of romance and hints of humour. Female p.o.v.

Women with sass and men who know how to be deeply intimate. With her and each other.

Alien Tryst

Planetary Surveyor Icara believes she is alone on the frozen planet, until she stumbles into Alien Hybrid Benj'in and his bonded mate, veteran Cyborg Jake. Survival in the cold soon gives way to the heat of passion, and the intimate promise of being fully filled. But Icara's debt to her employers threatens to tear the new lovers apart.

Hot Pursuit

Starship Captain Lanie Talbot prides herself on being responsible, until forbidden passions rise between her, Lt. Commander Nico Demelov, and his genetically modified partner Az. As the three pursue dangerous hijackers, Lanie craves submission to Az's primal nature, but she's already violated one rule by taking her First Officer Nico to her bed...

Dirty Diplomacy

Captain Siva is stranded in deep space with two demanding, lustful aliens. The demonic-looking alien ambassador wants an apology for the delay, while his well-built warrior husband is brazenly trying to seduce the Captain... and succeeding. If Siva can swallow her pride and say sorry, interplanetary relations will take a very passionate turn.



Winsford isn’t a big ship, a middle of the range courier class, big enough for Drum and me, but no other crew. The only others on board are my two passengers, the Helkion Ambassador, and his escort. The red of the Helkions' skin, and their planet's name, has earned them the nickname 'Demons.' Still, I’m neither easily intimidated nor easily impressed by that. When I eventually reach the suite, they will get a piece of my mind whatever they are, and I am not sorry.


The last thing I expect to see as I open the door is Ambassador Zotyn stark-naked, lying spreadeagled on the bed in a state of erotic disarray. He attempts to cover himself -without much success- he has small-boned hands and a rather large erection. The Ambassador's escort, Muth, leaps from the bed and stands between us. I think he’s attempting to preserve the man’s dignity. The intimidating effect of the physically massive, black-haired, yellow-eyed Helkion Warrior towering over me is somewhat lost. He, too, is utterly bare.

"That kind of escort, huh," I say, looking down at the Warrior's substantial tackle. I find myself wetting my lips without thinking.




About the Author

Tabbi is inspired by everything to do with spaceships, exotic planets, and unearthly desires. She also thinks there’s not enough bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, polyamorous representation in the media, so spreads it around through kick-ass protagonists, rich worlds, erotic adventure, and hot sex.

After a protracted dabble in other forms of spicy spec fiction and genre SF, she's currently planning something new.