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Bistro Viande

Taste of Life

by J.S. Garner

Bistro Viande - J.S. Garner
Editions:ePub: $ 0.99
ISBN: 1520400195

In the future, the only solution to mass overcrowding and dwindling resources is the lottery. A game where people are paid to play but, if they win, they legally become food. Two such lottery-winners, a suicidal teenager named Sammie and an impoverished middle-aged woman named Kim, find themselves 'purchased' by the upscale Bistro Viande which is run by celebrity Chef Nick Delano and his jaded sous-chef, Anne. In the few remaining days of their lives, Kim decides to make the best of her life in enjoying what few pleasures remain for her, while Sammie decides to make the best of her death in ensuring she is at her tastiest. Little does anyone else know, however, that Sammie hides a dark secret, one that could both save her life and destroy the Bistro.


About the Author

J.S. Garner has independently published over twenty novels and several short stories in the horror, fantasy, and science fiction genres.