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Black Swan Antithesis

Book 2 of the Black Swan Planet Trilogy

by James Peters

Black Swan Antithesis - James Peters - Black Swan Planet
Part of the Black Swan Planet series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Paperback: $ 12.99
ISBN: 978-1718188600
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 307

Raka Varoule survived the events of Black Swan Planet and returns to Earth, but things have changed. What has happened to the people he knew and cared for, and is Marco still wearing assless chaps? Find out in Black Swan Antithesis

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Tropes: Conspiracy, Fish Out of Water, FTL, Galactic Civilization, Redemption Arc

Languages Available: English

Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters


I told him almost everything. About the Empire, Caligula, Marco, Maven, Nicholai, the battle of the three ships in the orbit of Uranus, Magnus Aldis and why I destroyed the shuttle. I decided not to tell them all the details of Maven and why she had man-parts, as it complicated things more than needed, and I didn’t want him thinking I was into that kind of stuff, anyway. Hours passed, and Tomkin brought me water from time to time and some bread I now knew how to eat. Travis produced some fruity oaty bars from a pocket, giving one to Tomkin and me. He kept one for himself and chewed on it while listening. When I finished, a silence fell over the room.

Travis stood and took several steps one way, stopped and walked back. He rubbed his chin as if in deep thought. “Well, fuck me. “Christ, dude, that’s some messed up shit.”

“Tell me about it,” I said.

“Do you have any proof? Any way to substantiate your claims?”


I pulled out my wallet and handed him a driver’s license with an expiration date of 1969. “I have this, and Tomkin might be able to lead you to the spot he found me. There’s still a crater there. Otherwise, my implants allow me to learn a new language very quickly. Any chance there’s someone around here who doesn’t speak English? I can talk with them, and you’ll see.”

“Grandma Peggy. She still speaks the old language of the bush,” Tomkin said. “I understand most of the words, but I can’t speak it the way she does.”

“Lead us to Grandma Peggy,” Travis said.

Reviews:Tony Reynolds on Amazon wrote:

Good sequel to the original Black Swan. The character of Raka goes through a lot of stuff and slowly becomes a more interesting character. My only issue is that when I got to the end I immediately wanted more. Can’t wait for the next one.

Christopher Ohn on Amazon wrote:

This was definitely better than the first, and continued in the same vein as the first book. It's hilarious from beginning to end, and I highly recommend it. Like the first, if you like satire, comedy, and even action, I recommend you pick up a copy of this sci-fi romp immediately. Oh, and it can stand alone, so you don't have to read the first to understand this one. Again, this was well-written, obviously professionally edited (copy and story), and is a refreshing deviation from your usual self-published works.

About the Author

James Peters fell in love with Science Fiction at a young age, becoming hooked on the works of Asimov, Anderson, and Pohl (among many others), as well as the mixed bag of anything labeled Science Fiction on television or at the movies while growing up. While in grade school, he was given an assignment to write a journal about anything he wanted. He quickly filled the pages with a Buck Roger's type adventure of robots, spaceships, and pew-pewing lasers, discovering his inner passion to write.
He writes with a gritty blend of character-driven action, wry humor, and social commentary that transports the reader through wild worlds of speculative fiction and fantasy. He's known to cross the borders of different genres into new territory, along with an occasional 'wink and nod' to pop culture and other authors, then shock the reader with an unexpected turn of events.
Sit back, open your mind and enjoy the ride. Your adventure awaits.