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Caveman Funk

by Lancer Kind

Caveman Funk - Lancer Kind
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 4.00
Pages: 57

“Lancer Kind takes F Scott Fitzgerald's sensibility and gives it backbone.”
“Completely convincing passing details about life in Mesopotamia, 30,000 years ago...”

Betrayal not just by one individual, but his whole tribe. This is what fourteen-year-old Akiya faces when the Elders force him to leave and friends drive him away with branches and rocks. Despite this, when strangers from afar arrive with magic that inspires Mesopotamian youth to leave their peoples, Akiya wants to help those he love. First, learn the stranger’s magic, he decides. Master it; then his people must welcome him back.
But magic this powerful carries with it many troubles.

Cover Artists:
Tropes: Fish Out of Water, Mad Scientist, Time Travel
Word Count: 16200
Setting: Syria, mesopotamia region
Languages Available: English
Reviews:Toy Airplane on Amazon wrote:

Freaky how it starts as a caveman story and then "twilight zone" creeps into the story before you know it has started happening. It starts out with cavemen handling their caveman biznez (you know, hunting, gathering, and procreating) and how they deal with Akiya, a black sheep but the smart guy in the room. Then the time travelers show up with hip-hop and a war breaks out. Total adventure! I am a total sucker for this genre - would love to see a prequel!

About the Author

Lancer Kind is an American science fiction author who has lived in many different places: the cowboy country of Montana where wild deer are more numerous than people, among the tall mountain peaks of Colorado (and skied down a mountain 4,800 meters tall), and the island of Xiamen China (palm trees, beaches, and chopsticks).