Clear Sight

by Alex Silver

Clear Sight - Alex Silver - Psions of SPIRE
Editions:ePub: $ 4.99

When the slightest touch triggers visions of horror, you learn not to let anyone close.

After more than a decade hiding from society, Seth Albright is sheltered. His visions make it a necessary evil. After a precocious emergence as a seer when he was eight, his mother took him to live in the woods. To protect him.

When he can’t take another day of isolation, Seth turns to SPIRE. There, he gets partnered with Roy Merchant as his anchor. Enough inexperienced psions have burned Roy by using him as a stepping stone to last a lifetime.

Roy has seen scandals come and go in his time with SPIRE. Seth has seen atrocities most people couldn’t imagine. But neither of them has seen anything like what’s coming for them next.

This is MM urban fantasy containing some mild BDSM elements and an age gap.

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About the Author

Alex Silver (he/him) grew up mostly in Northern Maine and is now living in Canada with a spouse, two kids, and three birds. Alex is a trans guy who started writing fiction as a child and never stopped. Although there were detours through assisting on a farm and being a pharmacist along the way.

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