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Colony on Mars – All 5 Books

Terrific Series Nails It For Realism

by Kate Rauner

Colonists struggle to build their lives, but first they have to survive. Read the complete series through generations.

  • Glory on Mars - Emma joins the first settlers amid death and betrayal. She must learn the truth before Mars kills them all.
  • Born on Mars - Jake didn't ask to be born into a failing habitat, but new arrivals bring hope and peril. Can he save his friends and family?
  • Hermit on Mars - Sig will rescue the ungrateful Martian prospectors, even if it kills him.
  • Water on Mars - Scoundrels on Mars and Earth drag Bliss into their lethal schemes.
  • Storm on Mars - An AI may be a psychopath's only friend. Zeker's always close by when something weird happens.
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Reviews:Karen on Amazon wrote:

Thoroughly enjoyed this series, and could really imagine a colony could happen as she described it. Hard to put down and would recommend.

M. A. Levesque on Amazon wrote:

If you ever imagined what human settlement on Mars might be like, these books will give you a very realistic sense of how we would evolve there over multiple generations. Each book has a very different set of characters dealing with different issues and circumstances at their stage of settlement, and build upon each other. Having studied different aspects of Mars, including its planetary formation, current geography, and how humans would settle there, I feel like Kate really nailed it for realism. All the books are enjoyable reading.

cany58 on Amazon wrote:

This is a very believable and realistic hard sci fi series about the colonization of Mars. Each book covers a different, later generation in the colony, and so each book focuses on a different colonist and has a (mostly) different cast of characters. This was very well done - by moving forward one or more generations for each successive book, you can see how the colony has learned, changed, adapted, and expanded over time. If you like hard sci fi, and especially if you are fascinated with Mars and the idea of a future Mars colony, I would highly recommend this series.

About the Author

Kate Rauner writes science fiction novels and science-inspired poetry, and serves as a volunteer firefighter in rural New Mexico, USA. She's a retired engineer and now lives on the edge of the southwest's Gila National Forest with her husband, cats, and dog. She says she's well on her way to achieving her life-goal: to become an eccentric old woman.