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Date With Death

Date With Death - Daniel Fisher
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: $ 15.00
Pages: 241

Date With Death is a lighthearted romp through the cemetery of romance, where new love may rise from a shallow grave like a body washed out in the rain. Trekking across the veil to the great beyond and back, that thing that goes bump in the night, seeks the one whom to bump in the night, as mutual passion flares up from the shadows.

The usually stoic Dustin Ney has a more interesting and complicated past than even his dearest friend Arman had thought imaginable. Invited by his parents to their home out west, Dustin embarks on a road trip with his companions. When worlds collide, Dustin’s true self emerges as Date With Death explores the beginning’s of new love, the dying of old one’s and the rotting shells of stagnate friendships being cast off like husks.

Tropes: I See Dead People, Interspecies Romance
Languages Available: English
Tropes: I See Dead People, Interspecies Romance
Languages Available: English

“He’s a great guy. I’ve known him my entire life… And frankly, most of the guys I meet are boring compared to him.” Dustin clutched his bag, this was getting too personal for the pool crowd still amassed.

“Oh my god, Dustin. You’ve known the grim reaper your whole life and want to what? Date him?” Arman for some reason was pleased as punch by these revelations, although his brain felt he should be terrified. Such an odd mix.

“Can we talk about this up in the room?” Dustin used hushed tones. Too many hungry ears wanting a scoop.

“You’re beet red! The always calm and collected Dustin Ney is blushing. Wait until I tell the guys.” Arman followed Dustin as he made a quick exit into the hotel.

“I am not.”


“You so are. I’ve never seen this side of you. It’s cute. So tell me, how have you known mister spooky your whole life?” More questions, now intriguing and fun questions to annoy and fluster the unflappable Dustin with.

“He’s a friend of the family.” Head down in fully flushed red.

“No wonder you didn’t have friends growing up, death is part of the family!” Arman couldn’t believe it, but now Dustin’s odd home life made so much more sense. The voice, the dead people, death. They were the fricking Adams’.