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Diamondsong: Escape

by E.D.E. Bell

Diamondsong - E.D.E. Bell
Part of the Diamondsong series:
  • Diamondsong: Escape
Editions:Paperback: $ 9.99
ISBN: 9781945009167
Pages: 122
ePub: $ 2.99

Diamondsong is a unique high fantasy saga told in ten parts.

For lifetimes, the Ja-lal have prevented contact with the dangerous fairies of the forest. As tensions grow, those barriers are beginning to crumble. Blending rich worldbuilding with progressive themes, Diamondsong is a tale of power, identity, relationships—and magic.

Part 01: Escape

Dime has just left her career as a Ja-lal Intelligence agent, ready to roll her own dice. When, instead, she’s accosted by winged invaders, some truths quickly fade—while others solidify. Begin Dime’s journey with this unexpected tale of pursuit and discovery.

Reviews:Cat Rambo wrote:

“This is a terrific fantasy series, quiet and complicated.”

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About the Author

E.D.E. Bell (she/e) loves fantasy fiction, and enjoys blending classic and modern elements. A passionate vegan and earnest progressive, she feels strongly about issues related to equality and compassion. Her works often explore conceptions of identity and community, including themes of friendship, family, and connection. She lives in Ferndale, Michigan, where she writes stories and revels in garlic. You can follow her adventures at
Bell was born in the year of the fire dragon during a Cleveland blizzard. After a youth in the Mitten, an MSE in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, three wonderful children, and nearly two decades in Northern Virginia and Southwest Ohio developing technical intelligence strategy, she started the indie press Atthis Arts. Working through mental disorders and an ever-complicated world, she now tries to bring light and love as she can through fantasy fiction, as a proud part of the Detroit arts community.