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Dick Wiggler and Other Useless Superpowers

by Michael R Collins

Dick Wiggler and Other Useless Superpowers - Mick Collins
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
ISBN: B09Y52QT42
Pages: 108
Paperback: $ 9.00
ISBN: 979-8804634774
Pages: 124

Monty has a special power that no one else possesses.

And he hates it.

He just wants to live a quiet cheese sandwich and tap water life. Fate, being the fickle bitch it is, has other plans. His best friends, Lark and Sean, have abilities as well and the trio encounter three mysterious people who show them, they are not alone.

It would be nice if any of them had useful abilities, but take what you can get, right?

As a result, Monty is forcibly dragged into a world of coffee-addicted villains, half-competent goons, and pompous windbags. Monty must use his wits against the witless to save himself and his friends. To do so he must embrace being the DICK WIGGLER.

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About the Author

Michael R Collins was born at a very young age in the wilds of southern Idaho. After a few decades, he finally got his fill of all the sagebrush and rattlesnakes he could eat, so he struck out into the world. After a slinging some bass guitar, and general shenanigans in Austin, Texas, he currently lives in Pennsylvania with his wife Mel. He has published three novels,  a collection of short stories , and a few alibis. (Just in case)