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by Frances Pauli

Disbanded - Frances Pauli - Serpentia
Part of the Serpentia series:
  • Disbanded
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99
Pages: 268
ISBN: 979-8447792558
Pages: 266

They told him he was chosen, but everything they told him was a lie.

Sookahr believes he’s destined to change the world. With his rodent companion and a motley crew of fellow serpents, he journeys to the farthest outpost of Serpentia, determined to prove himself. The quest leads him to the very edge of the jungle, where Sookahr encounters, not only sabotage, but a dark secret that could shake the foundation of his civilization.

Betrayed and abandoned, Sookarh must discover his own power, harness the magic inside his dreams, and decide who he really wants to be. Because if he can’t rise to the challenge, expose his enemy, and uncover the truth, he won\'t just lose his way. He’ll lose his friends, his place in society… and his life.

In a world ruled by reptiles, one snake must fulfil his destiny to overthrow corruption, expose a dark secret, and save his people… from themselves.

2020 Leo Literary Award Winner

About the Author

Frances writes books about animals, hybrids, aliens, shifters, and occasionally ordinary humans. She lives in Washington State with her family, a small menagerie, and far too many houseplants.

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