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El Nuevo Mundo

by Brian Yapko

Mankind’s survival hangs in the balance…
In the year 2066, the artist haven of Santa Fe, New Mexico emerges as ground zero for the conquest and destruction of Earth by the evil Zolteots. Nick Clements and Daniel Vigil-Cruz — a writer and an artist still deeply in love after 12 years together — become the improbable fulcrum through which Earth might survive. As they weigh what must be done to save our planet, they are forced to confront shocking truths which will transform the Earth — as well as their future together — forever.

About the Author

Brian Yapko is a lawyer in California, Oregon and New Mexico. His debut novel, "El Nuevo Mundo", was recently published by Rebel Satori Press. He has written numerous short stories and is presently hard at work on a space opera trilogy. He is also the author of over 150 poems published by 45 literary journals. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his husband, Jerry, and their canine child, Bianca.