Eternal Scars

by A.L. Williams

Two Scars…one choice...

Be a good boy…

Great sex and a good time is all Ben wants. He doesn’t do complicated, which is why he can’t understand why pleading blue eyes won’t leave his thoughts.

You want to be a good boy...

Corbin’s life has finally settled after being thrown into a world of magic and lore. All he has to do is stay away from the green-eyed Adonis who brings him to his knees with a single look.   

When the source of Ben’s magic comes in a wave of death and obsession, they’re shoved together under the same roof. Secret desires flare as they fight for their lives. Can they move beyond their doubts or are the Scars too deep?

Eternal Scars CAN be read as a standalone.

Note: This book may contain situations that are difficult for some readers. See Author notes for details.

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About the Author

My name is Alec Lee Williams, a trans #ownvoices artist. My pronouns are He/him/his.  I have loved creating things ever since I can remember. My art is the visual and written expression of what is in my heart and mind. Show the world what social expectation and stigma it has created in regards to mental health. Mental illness and discrimination are a part of our history and it’s time the world sees it.  The beautiful and the dirty.

With my art, I want to show those who don't have mental illness what it's like. I want those that do have a mental illness, specifically queer POC, to relate and maybe even letting go of their trauma and triggers by seeing it displayed. I want them to know they are not alone. Now that I have decided to pursue writing my novels I hope will do the same.

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