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Finding Nessie

A steamy M/M romance inspired by Scottish folklore

by Edwina Lindsey

What happens when a Highland witch falls for the Loch Ness Monster?

When Cam Walker, the last remaining Witch of the Highlands, heads to Loch Ness to investigate a potentially dangerous monster, the last thing he expects is to wind up working with that monster… let alone be attracted to him. But the friendly, cheerful Lachlan is hard to resist, and turns out to be a powerful ally in the hunt for the real monster behind the killings around Loch Ness…

M/M paranormal romance with a sweet relationship and medium spice. This novella is the first in a trilogy following the same characters: it has a HFN conclusion and NO cliff-hanger!

About the Author

Edwina Lindsey is a writer of M/M paranormal romance, based in the UK. She enjoys reading and writing stories laced with folklore, and secretly yearns for happy endings (despite claiming to prefer them bittersweet).