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Forever People

by Alison Lyke

Welcome to Zeta City, where the whole world goes to die. Here, the Node System uploads the minds of the dying so they can spend eternity in a digital Promised Land. But, this cyber heaven is causing hell on earth for the living because the System forces them to earn Points to buy data in the afterlife.

Camille is a salty mercenary out to hoard as many Points as possible by exploiting the dying with illegal technology. She's on the hunt for Toy, a rebel leader who uploaded lethal technology to her own brain in an attempt to wipe out everyone’s Node Points.

Camille goes to increasingly dangerous lengths in pursuit of Toy. She soon finds that the Node is full of warm reunions with loved ones and otherworldly creations. It’s also full of lies.

Publisher: Black Rose Writing

About the Author

I'm an author and an English and Communications professor from Rochester, NY. I'm an insatiable reader and a dedicated writer. I've spent many years honing my skills and I now enjoy helping others find and explore their own voices.

​I write fantasy and science fiction and I aim to captivate and inspire. I've written three published novels including a modern mythology titled Honey, which came out in 2013. Forever People, a cyberpunk science fiction, was published in the spring of 2019. Forever People was a breakout hit, it won a Pencraft award, and was a TaleFlick Top Pick.

Tripping the Multiverse is the first book in my light sci-fi series, Jade and Antigone, which launched in January, 2021. Both Tripping the Multiverse and Forever People are Amazon bestsellers. I  also regularly contribute poetry and short stories to literary magazines and run a blog on writing sci-fi and fantasy.