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Grandfather Anonymous

by Anthony W. Eichenlaub

Grandfather Anonymous - Anthony W. Eichenlaub
Part of the Old Code series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99
Pages: 306

Elderly, unarmed, and extremely dangerous.

Ajay Andersen was the best hacker the NSA had ever hired. He sank corporations, toppled governments, and broke cryptography. All of it.

Retirement hasn't slowed him down one bit, thank you very much.

When his estranged daughter shows up on his doorstep with his two granddaughters, Ajay will do anything to keep them safe. He’ll hack biotech corporations and criminal enterprises alike. He'll brave the woods of Minnesota. Nobody after his girls will be safe, but the more he digs, the more he dredges up the shadows of his own dangerous past.

He only needs to know one thing:

What makes his granddaughters so darn dangerous?


About the Author

Anthony W. Eichenlaub’s short stories appear in Little Blue Marble, Asymmetry Fiction, and the anthology Fell Beasts and Fair. When the ground isn't frozen solid, he enjoys gardening, woodworking, and long walks with a lazy dog. When it is frozen, he stays indoors where it's safe.