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How to See in the Dark

by Lilith Frost

How to See in the Dark - Lilith Frost - Hard Way Home
Part of the Hard Way Home series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99

In this explosive sequel to Lilith Frost’s groundbreaking debut novel Trials on the Hard Way Home, Bryan, now James, must undertake a harrowing journey into his past amidst the treacherous landscape of an apocalyptic America.

James must do whatever it takes to continue protecting a lifetime of secrets—secrets that first led him to his new life and have since made him the target of nefarious plots. In the harsh realities of home, supernatural dangers lurk around every corner, and nothing is quite what it seems in the dark. James must contend with the horrors of his youth and his decision to abandon a brighter future with the men he loved, all while struggling to survive against human treachery and creatures of the night.

Reconnected with family and a lost love he never thought he would see again, the past and present collide in this thrilling and heart-wrenching mystery that breathes fresh life into the science fiction, LGBTQ+, and fantasy genres.

How to See in the Dark is an exciting and poignant story in which one man must face the traumas of his youth, navigate the challenges of unconventional love, and trust in the loyalty of friends in a world where everyone has a secret to protect.

Tropes: Abandoned Place, Cross-Species Friendships, First Contact, Found Family, Interspecies Romance

Languages Available: English

Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters

About the Author

Lilith Frost is a science fiction author who lives in the deep south and loves fast-paced stories with complicated characters.