a science fiction thriller series

by V. J. Mikles

All she wanted was to save her brother…

… she wasn’t prepared to lose everyone else.

Could her powers be harnessed for good, or would she only ever be a weapon of war?

Growing up, big brother Kerris was all she had. He was a telekinetic superhero who took care of her when they lost their parents, made her laugh, and kept her safe. He’d made the mistake of under-estimating how deadly she was before, so when the spaceship came, he didn’t want her anywhere near it.

But Liza had brought the ship. For him.

The arrival of Oriana has given her a new chance to make things right. There were people like them on board – people with hybrid powers. And she was desperate to learn how to control her destructive power.

So with a few telepathic interviews…

… she found something she never expected.

It was her turn to save her brother.

You will love this sci-fi adventure, because even a weapon of war deserves a shot at redemption.

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Reviews:Staci on goodreads wrote:

Interesting mixture of Sci-fi Fantasy.

So many different levels to this series. Such variety of cultures forming from nearly identical roots. Their history clearer to some than others. Yet almost all muddled and confused by time. Each contact the protagonists experience is dramatically affected by these cultural perspectives. It makes accomplishing their goals quite challenging. Despite the bigger picture they understand.

The New Dawn is a science fiction action adventure series. Humans have moved away from this solar system and colonized a new planet, Aquia, and that planet's moons: Terrana and Caldori. They think they’ve hit a gold mine – an uninhabited water planet – but something strange evolves the longer they stay. Humans developing super-human ability. Not great strength or power, just something to suggest that there once was life on this planet, and that life shifted to another plane of existence.

It’s too late to leave. The planet was devastated after a war with the Caldori settlement. The surviving cities retreated into protective domes, and have lived in relative isolation for the past four hundred years, resulting in divergent and unique cultures, some thriving, some dying, some dead and gone. As Oriana's crew limps home on their ancient, dilapidated cargo ship, they happen upon settlements and nomadic tribes, each with a survival story to tell. Each with their own superstitions about about their evolving abilities.

You will love this science fiction adventure series featuring found families, supernatural aliens, and hope for tomorrow. Get it now!

About the Author

I am an astronomer who defected from academia to work on weather satellites for NOAA. I’m the author of The New Dawn science fiction series, so named because every new dawn is a new chance to make things right. While developing my novels, I wrote and produced a series of comedic films about asexuals surviving the hypersexual world, inspired by my own journey. My motto in life is that I can be everything I want, just not all at the same time.

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