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Into the Out

by Stephen Goldin

Into the Out - Stephen Goldin
Editions:ePub: $ 4.99Paperback: $ 13.99
ISBN: 978-1534739321
Pages: 250

Tamara Ruben and ten of her high school classmates are on a field trip in the California desert when they stumble across a long-dormant spaceship. Without warning, the ship takes off with them aboard, stranding them alone in interstellar space with no idea where they're going or what they must do when they get there.

Now they must figure out the ship's workings to keep themselves alive... and Tamara realizes her mind is being taken over by a set of alien Voices that may or may not be trying to help her. Can the inexperienced teenage crew learn to cooperate to solve the unprecedented challenges they'll face on their historic journey?

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Reviews:Winged Wolf on wrote:

This book was actually great. Classic science fiction adventure for older young adults - an interstellar journey in a mysterious alien craft. The style, written by a teen girl as a journal to her dead sister, worked surprisingly well - much better than I would have ever expected. Engaging and interesting.

T. Jackson King on wrote:

This is a fun, smoothly written novel of unexpected space adventure by a group of 10 high school juniors, half male and half female, as told by the newbie, Tamara Ruben, in the format of a diary. Despite the diary format, the story reads easily and with lots of action and dialogue, so I was at ease reading it. This novel reminds of the early Heinlein juveniles and novels by Andre Norton, written for young adults. This is a perfect YA novel for readers who enjoy science fiction, or are just getting to know the field. This is a fine novel for young women, not just guys. And the sexual references are not graphic, just matter of fact and what any teen would know about today. I liked Tamara's sensible attitude to being kidnapped by a starship with its own agenda. They do meet living aliens later in the novel. Until then, there is a strong detective/figure-it-out story element to the story as these teens figure stuff out since no part of the starship speaks English. I've read SF since a young age and this is the kind of novel that drew me into the genre and keeps me coming back for more! Highly recommended!

Linell Jeppsen on wrote:

I'm on my Kindle so I'll make his brief. As usual, Goldin delivers in this excellent space adventure. Great action, science, humor and , er, spice in this wonderful story.
Highly recommended! 5 stars!

Lizzie on wrote:

I really liked this book. It was fun; it reminded me of stories i read in my early teens when I discovered science fiction - Heinlein, Norton - combined with The Goonies. The basic story is a group of teens accidentally enter an alien space ship which attempts to fulfill its previous mission. The "computer" bonds itself to Tamara through the persona of its prior captain and the teens learn to operate it enough to survive in space and discover its origins. It's a mixed group of teens (popular, nerd, athlete, scientist, language arts, new kid in school) who through forced time together discover themselves and each other. It was not overly complicated, simply a good story with kids succeeding. I liked the way it was presented as letters to Tamara's sister updating her on Tamara's life.

I did have two issues that detracted from the story:
1. Tamara's conversation style didn't feel realistic and annoyed me at the beginning of the story. I eventually tuned out all the "likes".
2. The discussion of sex in which there is explicit descriptions of options aside from intercourse. While I would wish teenagers would be frank and aware of sexual choices that avoid pregnancy risk, they don't. Tamara describes acts with the boy she eventually becomes involved with and it was TMI. I think this level of frankness on teenage sex could preclude many readers from purchasing it to read themselves or to gift to a teen.

If not for the above 2 issues, I would have given this book 4 stars. It's a solid science fiction story targeted toward teens, but an enjoyable read for all.

I received this book for free as part of the Read to Review program on Goodreads.

About the Author

STEPHEN GOLDIN is a Nebula Award finalist science fiction and fantasy writer who was born in 1947 in the city of Philadelphia. When he was 13, his parents moved to California and, upon reflection, he decided to accompany them. It was a lucky thing he did, too; otherwise, when he went to college, the commute to UCLA would have been quite difficult. He eventually graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor's degree in Astronomy.

His first job out of college was as a civilian space scientist for the U.S. Navy. The urge to write was strong, though, and after several years he left to try writing full time. He only regretted the move every other Thursday, when he would have gotten paid.

After several years of genteel poverty, he took a job as writer/editor for a pornographic humor paper, the San Francisco Ball. In retrospect, this was a great crucible; because of deadline pressure, he had to learn to make his writing dirty, funny, and one draft.

At about this time, too, he began selling novels on a regular basis. While he has, from time to time, held down other full-time employment (he helped design the Star Trek: The Next Generation computer game "A Final Unity" for Spectrum HoloByte and has also written manuals and game design documents for Maxis), his real love is fiction writing and he continues to pursue it.

His first wife was fellow author Kathleen Sky. In the 10+ years of their marriage, in addition to their individual works, they collaborated on a pair of stories ("Painting the Roses Red" and "The Devil Behind the Leaves") about the diMedicis, a family of interstellar swindlers.

Mr. Goldin's current wife is fellow author Mary Mason. They currently live in the San Francisco East Bay area. So far they have co-authored two books in the Rehumanization of Jade Darcy series: Jade Darcy and the Affair of Honor and Jade Darcy and the Zen Pirates. More books in this series are planned.

Mr. Goldin is an atheist whose interests include Broadway show albums and surrealist art. He has lived with cats virtually all his adult life.

Mr. Goldin served the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America as editor of the SFWA Bulletin and as SFWA's Western Regional Director.