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Invasive Species

a sci-fi short story

by V. J. Mikles

Invasive Species - Valerie J. Mikles

They needed to escape...

But there was nowhere to run.

When the air on the terraformed Mirabel colony became toxic, there was no choice but to evacuate and hope what little supplies they had would sustain them until a rescue from Earth could be mounted.

Dr. Talia Mendoza blames herself. She lead the terraforming effort on this world. Could she be trusted to terraform the next?

The clock is ticking. The evacuees are relying on her.

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About the Author

I am an astronomer who defected from academia to work on weather satellites for NOAA. I’m the author of The New Dawn science fiction series, so named because every new dawn is a new chance to make things right. While developing my novels, I wrote and produced a series of comedic films about asexuals surviving the hypersexual world, inspired by my own journey. My motto in life is that I can be everything I want, just not all at the same time.