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by Catty Diva

Justice - Catty Diva - Moon Hunters
Part of the Moon Hunter's Inc. series:
  • Justice
Editions:Kindle: $ 0.99
Pages: 70

When did the good guys get so bad?
Justice comes on swift wings in the dark. His friend and boss Cash has sent him to Earth to exterminate a criminal convicted on Oison and protected by the corrupt Earth government. While carrying out the judgement, he finds her.
Envy is a pet kept by her evil master. Luckily he's old and incapable of breeding so she is still innocent in many ways. Justice has come to make her master pay for his misdeeds. Can she convince him to free her so she can live life on her terms? Will the handsome assassin accept her innocence as a payment for her freedom or will he demand her heart as well?

About the Author

Catty Diva is an alien! Alright, she just wishes she was when she visits countless alien worlds in her mind all before lunch. The Mating Games series is the first under this pen name and reflects the hot quick reads that bring quick satisfaction with a happy ending. You can finish them in a couple hours or less of intense action and romance that will leave you panting for the next book.