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Lancer Kind’s Sci-Fi Thoughts

by Lancer Kind

SciFi Thoughts will tease and tantalize your mind with this genre from the future with short, laser focused episodes. SciFi has many dozens of sub genres with different story telling styles which attempt to bring new possibilities into how you see the world. Our mission is to expand what science fiction means to you by exploring this genre that is diverse as the stars in the sky. SciFi thoughts will, like the James Web Telescope, draw focus on a discovery and tantalize you with thoughts on movies and literature through intelligent and engaging discussion.

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Languages Available: English
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Good conversations, interesting thoughts
Great podcast with good interviews and interesting takes.

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About the Author

Lancer Kind is an American science fiction author who has lived in many different places: the cowboy country of Montana where wild deer are more numerous than people, among the tall mountain peaks of Colorado (and skied down a mountain 4,800 meters tall), and the island of Xiamen China (palm trees, beaches, and chopsticks).