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Lovecraft’s Iraq

by David Rose

The year is 2005. Blood from the Second Battle of Fallujah still dries on the farmlands of the Zaidon. But for Stygian 2-3, a young team of Recon Marines, the war is anything but over.

Plaguing their battlespace is an ancient evil. Those who volunteered to ensure "Iraqi Freedom" must fight not only anti-coalition forces, but powers older than the United States, democracy... the world itself.

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Tropes: Band of Brothers/Sisters, Becoming a Monster, Book of Spells, Dark Enemy, Evolving Powers, Haunted House, No Cell Coverage, Portals, Secret Society, Waiting/Sleeping Evil

Languages Available: English


"You expect me..." the groggy company commander declares, waving his hand at the other staff seated at the table. "You expect us, Corporal Silver, to actually believe that?"

Oppressing the room is also Lieutenant Ashton, their silent platoon sergeant, and the first sergeant in charge of all Stygian platoons. On the other side of the company office, backs against the wall, is Stygian 2-3, looking down at their boots. "You're gonna try to pull the wool over everyone's eyes and stick to every single radio went down, all at once?"

"Sir," Silver sighs. He looks up from the cement, glancing at the gold maple leaf on the company commander's collar before looking him in the eye. "I know how crazy it sounds, but all our radios--even my watch--everything went down when--"

"When what, Corporal?" the major snarls. "When creepy lights 'faded away'?"

Reviews:Lee Murray on two-time Bram Stoker Award®-winner, and author of Into the Mist wrote:

"Military hell from a veteran who's lived it. Rose's Lovecraft's Iraq is slick, cinematic, and surreal. An action adventure of the heroes who give their all, even when there is no winning.”

Leo Jenkins on author of Lest We Forget wrote:

"Rose effortlessly captures the nuance of an Iraq deployment while conjuring something far more sinister."

Brock Hileman on former Recon Marine and David Rose's team leader in Iraq wrote:

“Brought me back to the gritty details of the very real and intense moment-to-moment experiences of combat, woven together with the altogether unreal.”

About the Author

David Rose is a former Recon Marine and philosophy grad of the London School of Economics. A zealot of the weird, Rose's dark fantasy includes Amden Bog, The Scrolls of Sin, essays in S.T. Joshi's Penumbra journal, and most recently Lovecraft's Iraq - an action-packed novella showcasing Rose's time overseas and too many nights reading dear Howard's canon. He lives in Orlando, Florida. Rose is an active HWA and SFWA member, and a bit of a scholar on ghouls.