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Memory’s Victims

by Lancer Kind

Memory's Victims - Lancer Kind
Editions:Kindle - 2.99
Pages: 29

"If Lancer Kind's MEMORY'S VICTIMS doesn't raise your hackles, you'd better have them checked." ―Harry Turtledove

Not even hate could last a thousand years.
This is what most thought when generation starships started arriving at New Terra. Surely those who voyaged for a millennia from old Earth would have acquired a millennia of perspective and a measure of forgiveness.
But Arcadia grew up on such a ship and daily he was reminded that their enemies had stolen the gravestones of his people to build latrines.

The strife they fled on Earth resurfaces starting with the murder of Arcadie’s sister. Then the mysterious disappearances of other generation ships leads Arcadie to suspect someone close to him is killing his people.

Follow Arcadie’s life from growing up on a generation ship to joining the ranks of New Terra’s Space Force in this forty page novelette about the dawn of interstellar travel in asteroid ships that require many hundreds of years to travel to Earth-like planets.

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Tropes: Galactic Civilization, Generation Ships, Space Detectives, Vengeful Spirit

Languages Available: English

Reviews:Cheryl S on Amazon wrote:

An interesting take on colonizing other planets as an escape from problems here on Earth. It takes place as a personal tale of a jewish boy's experience and coming of age. I Couldn't stop reading once I started!

About the Author

Lancer Kind is an American science fiction author who has lived in many different places: the cowboy country of Montana where wild deer are more numerous than people, among the tall mountain peaks of Colorado (and skied down a mountain 4,800 meters tall), and the island of Xiamen China (palm trees, beaches, and chopsticks).