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by Stephen Goldin

Mindflight - Stephen Goldin
Part of the Mindsaga series:
Editions:ePub: $ 4.99Paperback: $ 14.99
ISBN: 978-1456426989
Pages: 312

Alain Cheney is a spy who desperately needs to come in from the cold. Earth is able to maintain what control it can over its former colonies by using telepathic spies. But what even the spies don't know is that, once they reach their late thirties, they begin exhibiting mental instability and must be eliminated to protect the program as a whole.

Alain Cheney is one of Earth's best telepaths, but this only makes him more susceptible. He has to battle not only his physical condition, but also his own organization in an attempt to survive.

Reviews:Richard Chesher on wrote:

Stephen Goldin is a real meistro SciFi author, exactly the kind of storyteller I love. The story progresses from a solid beginning through a steady time-line to a blockbuster ending. The heros and heroines of Mindflight are intelligent and proactive, and the challenges they face tough but convincing.
Best of all, there is a surprise at the end that I never expected but once revealed cinched the entire plot into a beautiful whole - and set the stage for the second book in the series.
Wonderfully imaginative, and very different from any of the hundreds of other SciFi stories I've read. Get it and you'll enjoy every word.

Amazon Ciustomer on wrote:

Political espionage and mind-reading: Sounds like either a really good story... or a dog. But Goldin puts together a great yarn about a great telepathic spy, Alain Cheney, who discovers that his medical condition, one that eventually befalls all telepaths--the aptly-named "telepause"-- has doomed him to a "forced retirement"... with extreme prejudice. Just at the time when he should be heading an investigation to penetrate a secret project on his assigned planet, Cheney finds himself on an internal hit-list instead. But he doesn't plan to wait for the slaughter.

What follows is Cheney's flight from his former-allies-turned-executioners, while hoping he can find a way to extend his life beyond the expected madness and death caused by telepause, and incidentally, to leave a positive mark on the world before he goes.

Unlike many authors, Goldin does a great job handling the concept of telepathy without making it seem hokey. He also spins an exciting, thrilling and believable tale of a spy's valiant efforts to stay alive, and the help and hindrances he meets along the way.

Throughout the book, the characters seem very real, not super-heroic or infallible, and the situations don't stretch the bounds of acceptance. The story does take place across a series of worlds, including Earth, where FTL travel isn't an issue, and an alien race exists outside of the human worlds; but if you don't have a problem with the idea of telepathy, you should be okay with overlooking lightspeed travel and aliens.

Overall, an excellent tale that has convinced me to check out the sequels in the series.

T. Kowal on wrote:

This novel first came out in 1978 and reflects the times it was written in. Alain Cheney is a telepathic spy for the Terran Intelligence Agency and comes down with "telepause" at the age of 38. Telepause heightens his telepathy more than ever, more than Cheney wishes for. The TIA's solution for this problem is termination of its telepausal agents, which puts Cheney on the run.... I enjoyed this novel since it is a wellcrafted action adventure where psychic powers add an extra dimension to the chase.

About the Author

STEPHEN GOLDIN is a Nebula Award finalist science fiction and fantasy writer who was born in 1947 in the city of Philadelphia. When he was 13, his parents moved to California and, upon reflection, he decided to accompany them. It was a lucky thing he did, too; otherwise, when he went to college, the commute to UCLA would have been quite difficult. He eventually graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor's degree in Astronomy.

His first job out of college was as a civilian space scientist for the U.S. Navy. The urge to write was strong, though, and after several years he left to try writing full time. He only regretted the move every other Thursday, when he would have gotten paid.

After several years of genteel poverty, he took a job as writer/editor for a pornographic humor paper, the San Francisco Ball. In retrospect, this was a great crucible; because of deadline pressure, he had to learn to make his writing dirty, funny, and one draft.

At about this time, too, he began selling novels on a regular basis. While he has, from time to time, held down other full-time employment (he helped design the Star Trek: The Next Generation computer game "A Final Unity" for Spectrum HoloByte and has also written manuals and game design documents for Maxis), his real love is fiction writing and he continues to pursue it.

His first wife was fellow author Kathleen Sky. In the 10+ years of their marriage, in addition to their individual works, they collaborated on a pair of stories ("Painting the Roses Red" and "The Devil Behind the Leaves") about the diMedicis, a family of interstellar swindlers.

Mr. Goldin's current wife is fellow author Mary Mason. They currently live in the San Francisco East Bay area. So far they have co-authored two books in the Rehumanization of Jade Darcy series: Jade Darcy and the Affair of Honor and Jade Darcy and the Zen Pirates. More books in this series are planned.

Mr. Goldin is an atheist whose interests include Broadway show albums and surrealist art. He has lived with cats virtually all his adult life.

Mr. Goldin served the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America as editor of the SFWA Bulletin and as SFWA's Western Regional Director.