More Future Earth

by Barbara G.Tarn

More Future Earth anthology
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ISBN: B08CT1162P
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ISBN: 979-8665251059
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 150

More stories for our future - with less tech, probably, but still life on our planet. Post-apocalypse, dystopia, last men and women usually struggling to survive. Bookstores as treasure troves or abandoned places, factories and cities in various states of disrepair, locations from North America to Europe to Japan, all over our beautiful planet.
The Book Store by Jason A. Adams
The Last Books of Nara by M.L. Buchman
Access All Areas by Fulvio Gatti
Lisa's Odyssey by Barbara G.Tarn
A Cupboard Full of Seeds by Meyari Mc Farland
The Crossing of the Moons by C.A. Rowland
Imposible by Lesley L. Smith
The Last Maple by Rebecca M. Senese
Alone at the End by Vonnie Winslow Crist
A New Script by Tao Wong

Lisa's Odyssey by Barbara G.Tarn

Post-apocalyptic Europe, beginning of the 22nd century. Lisa needs to reach Paris and her sister-in-law before consumption takes her.

Part of the Future Earth Chronicles, available also in Future Earth Chronicles Shorts.

Tropes: Humanity is Dangerous, Humanity is Good, Post-Apocalyptic
Word Count: 47000
Languages Available: English

About the Author

Barbara G.Tarn writes mostly fantasy, a professional writer and hobbyist artist, a world-creator and storyteller. She has a few ongoing series: her fantasy world of Silvery Earth (high fantasy) and the Star Minds Universe (science fantasy) are mostly standalone. She dabbles into historical fantasy with her Vampires Through the Centuries series and has started post-apocalyptic/steampunk series called Future Earth Chronicles.

Two of her stories received an Honorable Mention at the Writers of the Future contest. One of her stories has been published in Pulphouse Magazine #5 (March  2019). She writes, draws, ignores her day job and blogs once a week.

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