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Night Shall Overtake

by Michael R Collins

Night Shall Overtake - Michael R Collins
Editions:Paperback: $ 10.88
ISBN: 069223974X
Pages: 284
Kindle: $ 4.49

In a city whose gritty underbelly might try to eat you...

weird creatures that normally inhabit band dreams roam the streets. Lovecraftian horror have day jobs, things that defy imagination are running convenience stores and fast food joints. Twila Matthews, an underpaid shapeshifting private detective is hired on a simple missing person's case. But when she finds her target dead, an unraveling conspiracy leads Twila and her crew into the darkest parts of the city in direct confrintation with the most evil and diabolical of monsters.

Published by Black Bed Sheet Books

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About the Author

Michael R Collins was born at a very young age in the wilds of southern Idaho. After a few decades, he finally got his fill of all the sagebrush and rattlesnakes he could eat, so he struck out into the world. After a slinging some bass guitar, and general shenanigans in Austin, Texas, he currently lives in Pennsylvania with his wife Mel. He has published three novels,  a collection of short stories , and a few alibis. (Just in case)