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Party Hard

by David Petrie

The game of their dreams. A flip of a switch. Nightmare mode.

For lifelong friends Max and Kira, Carpe Noctem has become a second home. Max spends his time as a gunslinging Fury, able to deal massive damage in a short amount of time, while his teammate Kira the Breath Mage watches his back and keeps his health topped off. Together, they form a formidable combo. A literal dream team, because before the game hit the market, the average person lost a third of their life sleeping. Now sleep is only seen as the doorway into the game.

Unfortunately, dreams don’t last forever.

After being fired, one of Noctem’s creators sets into motion a plan to bring the system crashing down, and send the real world into economic ruin. To stop the collapse, Max and Kira have to gather their most trusted friends and embark on a quest that will test their absolute limits.

If they want to save the world they love, they'll have to push their Party Hard to make it through the nightmares that await them.

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About the Author

David Petrie is a fashion and food obsessed writer of science fiction and fantasy with a comedic twist. His first book (Party Hard) was published in 2018 and he has been hitting the keyboard ever since.

Prior to finding his calling as a writer, he worked as a designer for over a decade and ran an indie board game company on the side. In his spare time, he is an avid video and board game enthusiast. He currently lives north of Boston with the love of his life and their two adopted cats.