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Path of the Guiding Light

by Sharon K. Middleton

Path of the Guiding Light - Sharon K. Middleton
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 6.99
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 233

Cherokee attorney Baylie Smith hates pushing paper at the Bureau of Indian Affairs. When Baylie learns time travel exists, she goes to 1787 to guide her people westward to safety before the Trail of Tears.

Baylie becomes a warrior woman, where her intelligence, cunning and logic help the tribe win a decisive battle against the Chickamauga Cherokees. She earns ownership of enslaved Kirk O’Malley, who the Cherokees believe is the white devil, Tsul Kalu.

Baylie and Shadow Wolf fall in love and are about to marry when O’Malley manages to go forward in time. The village orders her to retrieve O’Malley to his correct time. But Kirk finds love with Mellie Henderson, and refuses to return to the past as Baylie learns she is pregnant with Wolf’s ’different-abled’ child.

Will Baylie be able to rejoin Shadow Wolf, claim her destiny, and fulfill her part of the prophecy?

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Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Cover Artists:
Tropes: Fated Mates, Time Travel
Word Count: 80,000
Setting: Georgia, Indian Territory
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters
Tropes: Fated Mates, Time Travel
Word Count: 80,000
Setting: Georgia, Indian Territory
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters

I made it. I still cannot quite believe it, but I finally made it. 


I tried last Saturday again. It was the month of the bony moon, as the old stories said would be the time when she would arrive. I hoped it would work this time. After all, my divorce was finally finished, after two long, hideous years. My house sold and closed. I quit my job. I decided I had it with my career when my opposing counsel made the salacious proffer of what I could do with him in the conference room.  I decided I would not go to Oklahoma to be another paper pusher. I was ready for my Grand Adventure. It was now or never. 

I hated to go now on one level. I would miss my family. Heck, I already miss my family.  And I will miss my young friend. Fancy Winslow taught me much about Before. Her baby is due any time. I hate missing the birth of her child. He was due shortly after I left. I never gave birth to a child of my own. I was always too busy with work, and my ex held no bones that he did not want a child. Let’s face it; he was the child in our relationship from the ‘get-go.’ But if I stayed, Fancy wanted me to be her baby’s godmother. If I ever held her baby in my arms, I would never be able to leave. I would have stayed. I went then because it was ‘now or never,’ and I could not stay. 

My destiny lies elsewhere. 

I hiked the four miles from the trailhead to the meadow the week before Valentine’s Day.  It was cold, but not too bad. I have hiked in colder weather many times. I love to walk with the crisp feel of cold against my skin. It wasn’t cold enough to snow when I started, although I could taste snow in the air by the time I reached the meadow. 

I shivered and pulled the hoodie on my puffer jacket over my head. I was glad I wore my long john’s, wool socks, and my well-worn Timberland boots. I slapped my gloved hands together and kept walking. 

In my old life, Beyond, I was known as Baylie Smith. The Cherokees call me Guiding Light. I always thought I was named for the first Guiding Light who helped lead the Cohutta Cherokees to safety before the Trail of Tears. Of course, my grandmother always swore she named me after an old soap opera she loved back in the day. However, I know where we are supposed to go. I traveled the Trail of Tears more than once in the future. I memorized the route of the Trail. With the help of the Great Spirit, I will guide my people safely west to the far distant, isolated protection of the Arbuckle Mountains, as the prophecy foretold. I am not merely a woman named Guiding Light. I am the Guiding Light, sent from Beyond to guide my people to a new land, a safe land, where our people can live forever in peace and harmony. 

It felt strange to hike along a path I know so well and to hear The Big Noise. I realized at once what the sound signified. Unlike Fancy, I did not fallI stopped, face uplifted, arms outstretched, as I savored the sound.  It rang out loud and true, like a beacon summoning me home. 

I smiled when it stopped. I adjusted my pack and said a quick prayer to the four directions. I pulled sage from my pocket and blew it into the air to give thanks to the Great Spirit for guiding me here. I walked on to the springs above the falls, where I knew I would meet Bright Star.   

Reviews:Kindle Customer on Amazon wrote:

This is the latest in this series. Baylie Smith has her affairs in order in the present time so she has gone back to 1787 to be with her tribe to help them get ready to move before the Trail of Tears. She is taken in by the tribe and she finds herself with Kirk O'Malley as her slave. He is looking for Fancy and the children. The story takes us to this time with what is going on and then bringing some of the people from then to now. There is a lot going on in this book.

There is an Indian Prophecy threaded through the series.  In Path of the Guiding Light, you learn more of the Prophecy and how these people may fit into the fulfillment of the Prophecy in future books.   There is more to come about the Prophecy in future books.  I still have to get most of the Cohutta Cherokees west before the Trail of Tears.

Baylie finds herself in a difficult situation in numerous spots in this novel.  What would you do if you were confronted with the difficulties Baylie encounters?


About the Author

I am a fourth generation Texan who grew up in San Antonio. My first relative was a boy came to the Colonies in 1747 as a Scottish indentured servant at age 12. Children were indentured until age 121, not for the regular 7 year indenture. My great-grandmother immigrated from Mexico in the 1890's. My grandfather taught me Spanish.

I am a semi-retired attorney with a family practice near Houston, Texas. I write, quilt, and raise and show Skye terriers. I love North Georgia and we hope to retire there next year - if I can manage to get my husband to retire! He claims he is still having too much fun working.