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Paths Best Left Untrodden

by Kev Harrison

The debut collection from Kev Harrison, author of THE BALANCE, this tome brings together tales of ghosts in the machine, folkloric creatures let loose, abandoned places and dystopian nightmares. Containing thirteen stories - three of which are previously unpublished, with three others never before available in print, take your first tentative step onto the PATHS BEST LEFT UNTRODDEN.


About the Author

Kev Harrison is the author of novellas The Balance, and Below, as well as the short story collection Paths Best Left Untrodden. His short fiction has appeared on podcasts The Other Stories and Tales to Terrify, as well as in anthologies such as Were Tales, from Brigid’s Gate, Lost Films, from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, and many more. He lives on the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal with his better half, Ana, and two cats.