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by Dan Ackerman

Penumbra - Dan Ackerman
Editions:Hardcover: $ 40.00
ISBN: 9781952150142

Arden inherited Eden, a space station floating over a dying planet. He also inherited an oppressive class system, worker shortages, and an entitled ruling class that refuses to make concessions. Rhys, a worker who’s earned Arden’s trust, helps him make unpopular changes to keep Eden alive.

Arden's reputation as a shallow and formula-addled leader leaves his friends and foes skeptical of his leadership. Rhys gains power and is met with resistance from the ruling class. But without intervention, Eden's labor shortages may lead to the end of the station, and Terra One, within Arden's lifetime.

Publisher: Supposed Crimes
Cover Artists:
Tropes: Fish Out of Water, Galactic Civilization, Generation Ships, Humanity is Dangerous, Post-Apocalyptic, Redemption Arc, Reluctant Hero

Languages Available: English

About the Author

Dan Ackerman is a writer and educator who has lived in Connecticut for their entire life. They received wrote their Master's thesis on representations of women in same-sex relationships in contemporary Spanish literature and cinema.

In their spare time, Dan continues to read and write, supplemented with a healthy amount of movie marathons and gaming.