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A Space Opera Adventure Series

by V. J. Mikles

Seeing the future is not the same as saving it.

When the first premonition hits, Amanda thinks it’s a hallucination. She doesn’t have psychic power; she echoes the powers of others. No one on the ship has that power, but the Confluence stones they acquired on Terrana seems to have extended her range. Her sudden ability to see the future has done little to help her crew prepare.

Led off course, their ship finds Nola, a peaceful farming town celebrating their annual Festival. The moment she enters the city, Amanda feels more echoes of power than she can control.

Overwhelmed by both the Festival and the spirit power in the city, Amanda begins a hunt for a powerful human-spirit half-breed that can help her, and finds herself at the center of the city’s battle to purge spirit-kind from their midst.

Can Amanda’s borrowed powers give the crew the edge the need?

Find out in this epic sci-fi thriller, because knowing the future is only half the battle.

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Reviews:Fred Jones on Goodreads wrote:

A great storyline, interesting well written characters. A sci-cubicle with paranormal elements. A standalone story but reading the previous ones woul d give context. Recommended.
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Jackie on Goodreads wrote:

Wow, what a story. Amanda doesn’t realize that her hallucinations are really premonitions. It’s impossible to not love this book that has you hooked for more.

The New Dawn is a science fiction action adventure series. The plots are episodic and don't necessarily have to be read in order.

Humans have moved away from this solar system and colonized a new planet and that planet's moons. They think they’ve hit a gold mine – an uninhabited water planet – but something strange evolves the longer they stay. Humans developing super-human ability. Not great strength or power, just something to suggest that there once was life on this planet, and that life shifted to another plane of existence.

You will love this science fiction adventure series featuring found families, supernatural aliens, and hope for tomorrow. Get it now!

About the Author

I am an astronomer who defected from academia to work on weather satellites for NOAA. I’m the author of The New Dawn science fiction series, so named because every new dawn is a new chance to make things right. While developing my novels, I wrote and produced a series of comedic films about asexuals surviving the hypersexual world, inspired by my own journey. My motto in life is that I can be everything I want, just not all at the same time.