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Pyramid Game

by David Petrie

Overpowered villains. Higher stakes. A pyramid of lies.

A year has passed since the events that nearly brought the game, Carpe Noctem, crashing down. Now, just as things are beginning to get back to normal, a new threat emerges.

When an unkillable player attempts to take over the virtual world, Max and Kira are called in to take him down. To win, the party will have to form their own house, infiltrate a tropical palace, pull off an elaborate heist, and maybe do a little dancing.

With enemies old and new lurking around every corner, it will take every bit of teamwork and creativity the party has to get away clean. Because in this game of PVP, their lives may depend on it.

About the Author

David Petrie is a fashion and food obsessed writer of science fiction and fantasy with a comedic twist. His first book (Party Hard) was published in 2018 and he has been hitting the keyboard ever since.

Prior to finding his calling as a writer, he worked as a designer for over a decade and ran an indie board game company on the side. In his spare time, he is an avid video and board game enthusiast. He currently lives north of Boston with the love of his life and their two adopted cats.