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by Jaime Samms

Renegade - Jaime Samms
ISBN: 13 978-1-61372-646-473
Pages: 63

Spaceship captain Tom lost his copilot and lover to a slipstream accident, but he refuses to accept Briak is dead. As he loses himself to his obsession, his ship begins to exhibit technical glitches and personality traits not normal for a shipboard computer. It gets worse as Tom finds a new pilot and decides to manipulate the slipstream to go back in time and stop the accident from happening. But if Tom can’t figure out the problem, the space-time jumps may tear the ship—and his dreams of reunion with Briak—apart.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artists:
Tropes: Beyond the Grave Communication, Interstellar Travel, Sentient AI, Sentient Spaceships, Space Pilot, Time Travel, Uploaded Consciousness

Languages Available: English

Reviews:Serena on Rainbow Book Reviews wrote:

'A wild ride in more than one sense, this story might have confounded and confused me (time travel tends to do that), but it also amazed me."

About the Author

Jaime Samms is a plaid-hearted Canadian who spends the too-long winters writing stories about love between men and the too-short summers digging in the garden. There are dust bunnies in the corners of her house—which she blames on a husky named Kai. There are dishes on the counter—which is clearly because teenagers! There is hot coffee in the pot and the occasional meal to keep her from starving—because her husband is remarkable and patient.

A multi-published author whose work has been translated into French, Italian, and German, Jaime delights in the intricate dance of words that leads her through tales of the lost and broken hearted men she writes about to the love stories that find and mend them.

And when the muse is being stubborn, she also makes pretty things with yarn and fabric scraps because in her world, no heart is too broken to love, and nothing is too worn or tired it can’t be upcycled into something beautiful. All it takes is determination and the ability to see life a little bit left of center.