Revealed Scars

A MMMM Paranormal Romance

Four Scars…one path…

I’m useless…

Ivan is a good doctor—despite his disability. He just wants to continue to do what he’s good at in peace. A series of events pushes him into the path of three beautiful angels and a threat to heaven and earth.

It is why we were created.

Michael must find Father. It is his duty. He cannot afford distractions. Why can he not keep his attention off Ivan?

I can never live up to what you want.

The sooner they find Father, the sooner Raphael can go home, away from the growing attraction he struggles to ignore.

It is not in my nature…

The last thing Uriel expected was to run into a man that sparks desires he has kept to himself for millennia. With each passing day, he cannot deny what he wants.

While they try to reconcile what all of it means, chaos continues to rain down without answers. Feelings and secrets are exposed, leaving them raw. Can they build balance in their relationship and find out what is responsible or are the Scars too deep?

Revealed Scars CANNOT be read as a standalone, must-read Scars 1-6 to understand.


Note: This book may contain situations that are difficult for some readers. See Author notes for details.

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Tropes: Immortality, Interspecies Romance, Waiting/Sleeping Evil
Setting: Tucson, AZ & Vatican City
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters

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