Shot Through the Heart

Fairy Dusted

by Shannon West

Shot Through the Heart - Shannon West - Fairy Dusted
Pages: 111

WRAITH agent Will Donovan should have known better than to fall in love with a treacherous and beautiful Fairy, but he simply hadn’t been able to help himself. Now Commander Levi has teamed him with the gorgeous Ash again, this time to travel into the Vargr Realm to stop a dangerous and deadly drug called Candy Hearts from being sold and distributed to humans.

Once Donovan arrives, he has to deal with a broken-hearted little wraith, a treacherous brownie, amorous Nymphs and a growing attraction to his partner. When he’s kidnapped by Cupids, he’s taken to their capital city and has to face the biggest threat to his safety yet—his love for a being who can never stay with him.

Ash, along with a Paladin witch he picked up along the way, has to save Donovan, the love of his life and talk himself out of a relationship that will one day prove to be deadly. To do it he has to be willing to sacrifice his own life and break an ancient curse, but if he can pull it off, he might just get everything his heart desires.

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Publisher: Painted Hearts Press
Cover Artists:
Setting: The Vargr Realm, alternate universe
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters
Reviews:Patricia nelson on amazon wrote:

Shannon West has taken the staid, stale, same old, mediocre, and run of the mill stereotypical paranormal trope, shaken it up, blown it out of the water, turned it upside down and inside out, then given it her own fresh, unique, and unexpectedly different twist. I recommend getting this marvelous book immediately.

About the Author

Shannon West is an author of MM Romance and believes love has no gender. She has well over a hundred novels, novellas and short stories that usually have a paranormal or a sci fi twist, but she also loves contemporary. Her stories have been translated into French, Italian and even one Japanese Yaoi, and in the past, she has worked with several publishers, both large and small. She can be found most days fighting cats off the keyboard, eluding housework, lost in fantasy worlds, and imagining love scenes—sometimes all at the same time. She makes her home in Georgia, with frequent jaunts to the North Carolina mountains and anywhere else she can, really, as she loves to travel. She’s married with four children, has too many cats and a dog named Smokey. She is almost always working on a few more stories at any given time.


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