Skin Deep Ruins (Dark Carnival Book 2)

by Jennie L. Morris

Skin Deep Ruins - Jennie L. Morris - dark Carnival
Part of the Dark Carnival series:
  • Skin Deep Ruins (Dark Carnival Book 2)

Underneath a ruined life, can be the purest souls.

Birgitta Ellingsen, Tattooed Lady and one-half of Dark Carnival’s daring knife-throwing act, craves normalcy. The markings on her body, forever changing with her moods, are the result of a centuries’ old curse, passed on from mother to eldest daughter upon reaching womanhood. Born into Dark Carnival, this is her home, but Brida longs for something more, something different, a peace unknown to her. She loves Dark Carnival, but still feels lost.

Ever the vagabond since his father’s death, Alexander Evans, once on his way to becoming a reputable member of society, now moves place to place hoping for work. No longer living the carefree life of his youth, he grew up fast. Every extra coin goes to the care of his invalid mother. While in town, an accidental encounter with a mysterious, apprehensive beauty from the travelling carnival leaves Ali entranced.

Can Ali live in her world, or will the secrets of Dark Carnival lead to their undoing?

About the Author

As a self-proclaimed Anglophile and research geek, it's no wonder that Jennie L. Morris writes Romance and Historical Fiction with a flair for realism. Her love for learning led to obtaining degrees in Anthropology and Biology, which she often relies on during her writing process. Coming from NE Ohio, and raised on a small beef cattle farm, life was anything but ordinary growing up.

Jennie now resides in rural Kentucky, among the bluegrass and dazzling horse farms, with her amazing husband and their boxer Archie. When she isn’t reading or writing, she is feeding her tea obsession or perfume addiction, letting the scents and flavors fuel her creative fires.

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