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Steel Shadows

Steel Empires Book 5

by J.L. Gribble

The shadows are talking and they won’t take no for an answer. Victory has returned safely to present-day Limani, sure that nothing so strange as time travel can ever happen to her again. Until the shadows begin speaking to her. And it turns out she’s not the only one.

Along with her sire Asaron and daywalker Mikelos, Victory will travel to a realm outside anything she could ever imagine. A previously unknown, ancient enemy threatens to tear apart the fabric of the world, and everything Victory thought she knew about magic will be completely rewritten.

In this unfamiliar world, accompanied by long-lost companions, Victory must find her way home once more. But if the shadows have manipulated her life all along, will she have a home to return to? Or will the darkness consume Limani as well?

About the Author

J.L. Gribble writes the urban fantasy/alternate history Steel Empires series, which starts with Steel Victory and includes six titles so far. Her other jobs include medical editing, Netflix watching, cat snuggling, and book reviewing. Find more info about her and her books at