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Tcp/Ip over Atm: A No-Nonsense Internetworking Guide

by Berry Kercheval

Book Cover: Tcp/Ip over Atm: A No-Nonsense Internetworking Guide
Editions:Hardcover - First Edition

Provides practical guidance for planning and managing ATM backbone networks for TCP/IP-based WANs and the Internet. After an overview of TCP/IP and ATM fundamentals, material compares pros and cons of two leading options for carrying TCP/IP options on ATM networks: the IETF's Classical IP-Over-ATM, and the ATM Forum's LAN Emulation. Resources for managing ATM networks are reviewed, and a conclusion previews the future of TCP/IP and ATM. Aimed at people who are familiar with networking in general but who don't know much about ATM. The informal writing style is a plus.


About the Author

I’m a retired Software Engineer who has worked at LLNL, Xerox PARC, and Apple, and many other startups and companies large and small.  I write mostly short fiction, and have had two technical non-fiction books published.