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The Abulon Dance

Book 2 of The Merculians

The Abulon Dance - Caro Soles - Merculian Mystery
ISBN: 978-1950565405
Pages: 224

While on tour to the mysterious planet Abulon, the pleasure-loving hermaphrodites of The Merculian National Dance company are intrigued by the virile patriarchal society they discover there. The natives seem friendly enough at first but when the star’s young lover is kidnapped, the Merculians find themselves plunged into a brutal alien Civil War they are ill-equipped to survive.



“I will not deal with Terrorists,” the Chief went on calmly. “They must be made to realize that acts like this accomplish nothing. We will not be threatened. They must know this.”

Beny felt his stomach lurch. His hands were shaking. “You are talking about a life. Does this mean nothing to you...sir?”

“I am sorry, your Excellency. You must see that there can be no exceptions.”

“But Chief! You do not understand!” Beny leaned forward intently, both hands now clutching the edge of the table. “This is not just an internal matter, as you seem to think. Chamion is a Merculian citizen and subject to the protection of Alliance law.”

“Ambassador, it is you who does not understand. Abulon is not a member of the Alliance as yet. You are merely visitors to our planet and subject to our laws, just like everyone else.”


Beny ran his fingers through his thick curls and gazed earnestly at the impassive face of the alien leader. He tried hard to keep his voice level. “Sir, this planet was represented to us as friendly and safe, as it seemed when the original I.P.A. contact team was here. The Alliance will not be pleased to find that this was a false impression created for their benefit.”

“Do not threaten us, Ambassador.”

“It is not a threat, merely a reminder. As is the fact that the one whose life you are playing with is a scant few years younger than your own son.”

The Chief looked at him coldly. “I fail to see the relevance of that remark, your Excellency. If the hostage were my son, my position would be exactly the same.”

Beny felt a cold shiver, like ice water trickling down his spine


This book is a stand alone, like all the books in this series. They are in chronological order.