The Best of Turtleduck Press: Volume II

by Siri Paulson

The Best of Turtleduck Press V2
Pages: 85

In celebration of our tenth anniversary, Turtleduck Press has selected the best of our short fiction from the last six years for your reading pleasure. Each author has two stories included, one voted as their best by the members of TDP, and the one they consider their best work personally.


Stories included in this collection:

Changeling, Erin Zarro

Baking Lessons, KD Sarge

The Haunting of Heatherbrae Station, Siri Paulson

1-800-HAUNTME, Kit Campbell

Warped, Erin Zarro

Crazy Boy, KD Sarge

Still Waters, Siri Paulson

Deserts and Domes, Kit Campbell


Thank you for supporting us these last ten years, and we hope to bring you many more stories in the future.

Still Waters by Siri Paulson

Payut is an itinerant boat peddler and healer, and he's worried. Something is sickening villagers and birds in the web of jungle canals he paddles through. He's determined to find a way to help them. But the sickness is coming from the city, which holds a secret he's been running from for many years...

The Haunting of Heatherbrae Station by Siri Paulson

In a steampunk world where the Victorians spread across the Solar System, Rachel Okembe arrives at a remote space station to take up her new position as a governess to two motherless children. But dark rumours swirl around their father the stationmaster. The station itself is said to be haunted. Rachel needs to find answers, and quickly: just who is in peril--and from what?



About the Author

Siri Paulson loves nothing more than mixing up genres to see what will happen. She also wears the hats of non-fiction editor by day and chief editor of micro-publisher Turtleduck Press by night. Her other passion is contra (folk) dancing. Thankfully, her long-suffering spouse is good at keeping himself occupied. After growing up in Alberta, Canada, she moved to Toronto and achieved her lifelong dream of buying an old house, dubbed the TARDIS because it's bigger on the inside. Other lifelong dreams include publishing novels (one and counting), travelling the world (so far, so good), and becoming an astronaut (still waiting on that one).

Siri's latest release is two short stories (one steampunk-Gothic-in-space and one Thai-inspired fantasy) in The Best of Turtleduck Press, Volume II. Her first novel, City of Hope and Ruin, a queer fantasy co-written with Kit Campbell, is also available through Turtleduck Press. She has also published short fiction and edited several anthologies, which can be found on her Turtleduck Press bio. More of her short SF&F fiction has been published in the 2017 "A Holiday to Remember" collection from Mischief Corner Books, in the e-zine Daily Science Fiction, and in Queer Sci Fi's flash fiction anthologies Migration and Renewal.

She can also be found dabbling in photography on Instagram.

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