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The Chronology Protection Case

by Paul Levinson

The Chronology Protection Case - Paul Levinson
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 36
Paperback: $ 6.99
ISBN: 978-1561780563
Pages: 34
Audiobook: $ 5.99
ISBN: B0007V43C8

When NYPD forensic detective Phil D'Amato takes a call from a lady physicist about her missing husband, he has no idea that her life, his life, and every other scientist working on a top-secret time travel project will soon be in dire jeopardy. As the number of dead begins to mount, D'Amato starts to realize that the suspect is not any one person or group but something much more sinister and dangerous.

"The Chronology Protection Case" was a finalist for the Nebula Award for Best Science Fiction Novelette of 1995. The story was adapted into a low-budget movie by Jay Kensinger (now on Amazon Prime Video), and an Edgar-nominated radio play by Mark Shanahan.

Reviews:Ray Percival on Futurism wrote:

"The Chronology Protection Case takes us to that frightening but fascinating boundary shrouded in the mists of unpredictability between fact and fantasy."

Michael Main on Time Travel Nexus wrote:

about the movie: "an enjoyable, low-budget adaptation of Paul Levinson’s story with a fine version of D’Amato"

Steve Sawicki on wrote:

"The Chronology Protection Case started out as a short story by Paul Levinson. One of his more noted ones and the one where he introduced his popular recurring character, the forensic scientist Phil D'Amato."

Mike Haberfelner on [re]search my trash wrote:

"sci-fi-whodunnit that takes very big, scientific-sounding ideas and brings them down to a level where they no longer sound brain heavy but actually work pretty well as the driving force of a genre story - which doesn't mean there aren't still twists and turns aplenty"

Kristiana Maroudas on Kristi Kritiques wrote:

"The intricate plot leaves you unable to turn away, in fear that you’ll miss a crucial piece to the puzzle."

Martha Eskuchen on Martha's Bookshelf wrote:

"If you enjoy ... fun stories, this is a quick mystery with an ironically twisted plot."

Here is a trailer to the 2013 recut with expanded ending of The Chronology Protection Case 45-minute short film, available on Amazon Prime Video.

About the Author

Paul Levinson, PhD, is Professor of Communication & Media Studies at Fordham University in NYC.  His science fiction novels include The Silk Code (winner of the Locus Award for Best First Science Fiction Novel of 1999), The Consciousness Plague, The Pixel Eye, Borrowed Tides,  The Plot to Save Socrates, Unburning Alexandria, and Chronica.. His award-nominated novelette, “The Chronology Protection Case,” was made into a short film and is on Amazon Prime Video. His nonfiction books, including The Soft Edge, Digital McLuhan, Realspace, Cellphone, McLuhan in an Age of Social Media, and Fake News in Real Context have been translated into 15 languages. He appears on CBS News, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, the History Channel, and NPR.  His 1972 album, Twice Upon A Rhyme, was re-issued in  Japan and Korea in 2008, and in the U. K. in 2010.  His first new album since 1972, Welcome Up: Songs of Space and Time, was released on  Old Bear Records and Light in the Attic Records in 2020.