The Danger Dance

Book 1 of The Merculians

Life and death action and intrigue aboard a military space vessel!

A startling command from the dreaded Praetan brings chaos into the tranquil lives of hermaphrodites Eulio and his lover Orosin. Using the tour of the Merculian National Dance Company where Eulio is a star as cover, they board the Wellington, a militaristic starship that values nothing they believe in. Someone is passing secrets about fleet movements and weaponry to the enemies in the Troia, but the efforts of the two Merculians to unmask the spy only stir up a toxic mix of hatred and violence. Who will have to die before the Praetan is satisfied? The Danger Dance is a futuristic space adventure with enough swashbuckling action and intrigue to keep even the most jaded science fiction addict enthralled.

What they say:

“A crackerjack SF novel–– moving, eloquent, and richly texturd. I recommend it hughly.”

Robert J. Sawyer, award winning sciuence fiction writer


“…a tingling subversity of gender, sexuality and goosebumping excitement. Even better, Soles can rally write, with wit, sensuosity and depth.”

Perry Brass, suthor of The Harvest, Angel Lust, etc.



Their keeper herded the Merculians through a series of interconnecting
noisy pods. Numb with exhaustion and emotional strain,
they stumbled and swayed along until at last, their keeper thrust
them through a final door into a small octagonal room next to what
appeared to be the bridge. As they staggered to a stop, the Serpian
touched a panel in the wall. At once a blue flame sprang up from
the floor and raced dizzily in a circle around them. As it moved, it
emitted a high-pitched, sizzling noise.
“Cross that line and you fry, chickees,” growled the Serpian.
From the bridge came a roar of laughter. Beny straightened his
spine and held on to Eulio’s hand tightly, as the deck began to shudder
under their feet.
“What’s happening now?” whispered Eulio.
Beny shivered, watching the fire dance and sway. Then suddenly
go out.


Before they could react, a loud noise reverberated through
the ship, rattling the hull, gathering up the noise of the confusion.
“Daisy chain, Daddy! Disengage!” screamed the leader.
The floor shuddered underfoot as the men rushed to obey. A few
seconds later, a series of explosions shattered their ears. The pirates’
shouts were the last thing Beny heard as their world exploded
around them.


The Merculians is a series with the same cast of characters but each book is a standalone. The books are roughly chronological.

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