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The Enemy Within: A Way of the Warrior Novel

by R.J. Giuffre

The Enemy Within - R.J. Giuffre
Part of the The Way of the Warrior series:
Editions:Kindle - Kindle Edition: $ 6.99
Pages: 393
Paperback - Paperback Edition: $ 14.99
ISBN: 979-8628269374
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 404
Hardcover - Hardcover Edition: $ 20.95
ISBN: 979-8743882335
Size: 7.00 x 10.00 in
Pages: 404

As soon as she saw the knife coming…

…she knew her life was over.

Even if she lived, she could tell nothing would ever be the same.

Young, intelligent, and fiercely independent, Rachael was not nearly as worldly as she believed. Hunted by a mysterious cult, she finds herself thrust into the world of power and magic; her way of life is shattered as she struggles to keep herself alive.

Guided by the mysterious Warrior, Ghost, Rachael must embrace her new reality. But she never imagined that her life would depend upon an enigmatic figure from her past…

…a knight whose soul is slowly falling into darkness.

Only a journey through their shared past will help them see that there is no threat as dangerous as The Enemy Within.

The perfect mix of adventure and romance in this Urban Fantasy will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Reviews:Reviewer on wrote:

I found it impossible to put this book down while reading it since it was so full of gorgeous scenery, thrilling action, and adventure. The imaginative plot of this novel captivates readers as you delve deeper into it. I really liked how the author used visuals to convey how the world is being overtaken by evil forces. It aided in developing the protagonist's motivations and facilitated the reader's comprehension of both the setting and the characters. A terrific novel overall with excellent writing, imagery, and characters.

S Kumar Mishra on wrote:

A fantastical story line that takes the readers into an incredible read. The author has experimented with a combination of fantasy and visual treatment. The world is falling into the evil forces the hope of survival is being given by the character in his tale. This is at the same time a fantasy, an adventure as well as a suspense thriller.

Robert Bouse on wrote:

Filled with wonderful prose, exciting action, and adventure, I couldn't put this book down!

WandaAround on wrote:

Exciting And Fun
i really enjoyed this book. Its plot was unique and the characters were well developed. The action was continuous and helped me read through the book quickly. I look forward to reading the sequel.

About the Author

R.J.Giuffre was born in Lawrence, MA, and grew up in the Merrimack Valley area. As a child, he was struck by a drunk driver, and as a result, lost the use of his left arm. He worked tirelessly for several years to recover, and still today uses his unique brand of ingenuity to find ways to do everything in life with one hand tied behind his back. This dedication earned him the moniker “The One Arm Bandit”. He is a novelist and poet who believes that artistry, be it with words, paint, or steel, is a product of the heart and should be treated as one of nature’s finest gifts to the world. Through perseverance, dedication, and blind stubbornness, he became well acquainted with the care and use of several types of bladed weapons, including swords, knives, and axes; knowledge which he now incorporates into his writing. Though injuries now keep him from competing, he has found that sharing the Way of the Warrior through his writing fulfills his need to be the very best at what he does.

He still lives in the Merrimack Valley area with his wife, Michelle, who is a special education teacher for children with severe special needs, and the next generation of Warrior, his daughter, Paige, and son, Kaden.